From Gamberale to Pietransieri (Roccaraso)

From Gamberale to Pietransieri (Roccaraso)

Exiting Gamberale, proceed on SP 164 towards Palena and turn left at the first fork, after 3.7 km you reach the little church of Sant’Antonio and an area where you may see deer in their natural habitat. You then enter the Regional wood of “Monte Secine” by following the M1 trail. From the fold of Mount Secine, through woodlands and small clearings, you reach a fountain. On the trail you follow the traces of the foxholes and trench corridors of the observation and control emplacements that the German command had built on those slopes, everyone who walks this trail will understand the natural lines of defence here.

Sacrario dell’eccidio di Limmari

From the fountain you can take the M2 trail towards the “Fear Pass” (Passo della Paura) 1585 Metres, proceeding north-westward you cross the wood to where you come close to a clearing, the N4 trail which leads to the massive walls of Pietra Cernaia (1645 Metres) and on to a small lake. From here, among the rugged rocks surrounded by wide beech woodlands, you go back on the N2 trail heading south. You will Arrive in the Piana dei Mangini (1626 Metres) where you proceed by taking the N3 trail on the right. On the western wall of the Serra Verticara a view will open up onto the Majella and the summit of Porrara to the North, on mounts Rotella and Pratello to the west and on the slopes of Pescocostanzo and Rivisondoli. Crossing the meadows of the Annunziata you can reach Fonte Santamico. From here you join the N1 trail and, pass the Piazza del Re shelter, you proceed on the trail southward towards the Piana Selvareccia and the rocky eastern wall of the Serra Castellaccio. The trail finally arrives at Pietrapensieri (1359 Metres), a hamlet of Roccaraso, and following Via della Pineta you will arrive in the vicinity of the monument for the fallen of Limmari.

* for the those of you who are on bikes we advise you to proceed towards Passo della Paura south-westward, crossing the woodland areas and the small clearings to arrive in the vicinity of Piana dei Mangini, right at the intersection of N2 and N3 trails, and then proceed on the N3 southward.


Deviation on tarmac Valico della Forchetta

Gamberale/ Stazione di Palena

Length Total Ascent Total Descent Max Elevation Min elevation
15.1 km 604 662 1215 1529


From Gamberale following the Sp164 first for 14.2 km (towards Palena) and the SS84 for 800metres then (towards Campo di Giove), you will reach Stazione di Palena

Stazione di Palena/Pietransieri

Length Total Ascent Total Descent Max Elevation Min elevation
14.5 km 309 231 1224 1382


From Stazione di Palena you can take the SS84 southward for 8.6 km, turn left on the SS17 towards Roccaraso for 2.2 km and at the fork with the SP84, the new Sangrina, you keep the left, after 4.2 km you will arrive in Pietransieri.



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