From Alfedena to Pianoro Campitelli (Alfedena)

From Alfedena to Pianoro Campitelli (Alfedena)

On the Gustav line towards the Abruzzo borders.

You leave the centre of Alfedena proceeding south-westward along Via Casoli, which becomes Via Lago. It is possible to get closer to the Montagna spaccata lake by turning left 700 Metres after the hairpin bend and following the directions. Retracing your steps, you proceed towards the south-east for 600 Metres more, and before the fork you turn right on the dirt road in the vicinity of a fountain. The trail saves you some kilometres of tarmac road which if you decide to walk the trail you can by taking at the fork in the road on the right. The trail rejoins the tarmac road on a bend, and by turning right, you keep climbing. After 2.5 km you reach Pianoro Campitelli (1450 Metres). Toward the south-west the Meta mountains highlight the natural border between the three regions and you are now in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.

The municipalities crossed in LEG 7

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